Special Note from Mark

Hello to everyone interested in the CAAS website!

As mentioned in the letter I recently sent to members, we plan to have a new option to securely collect email addresses. We are anticipating that a link will be made available for you to click on and enter your email address into a protected program. Once collected I can send group emails to all of you.

The convention promises to be another good one! Let me know if you have questions.
Mark Pritcher

Chet Atkins Appreciation Society

Welcome to Chetsociety.com, the web home of the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society (CAAS). The society is a group of people who have a sincere interest in the music and career of Chet Atkins.

Each year we meet in Nashville for four days to watch, listen and learn about the music of one of the greatest musicians the world has ever known. Here you will find information on becoming a member, registering for the annual convention, and the latest information about CAAS. Members receive Mister Guitar, the official journal of CAAS, a full color magazine full of articles, guitar tips, and music transcriptions.

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